Lost Tribe Esports Over-18 Community Rules

Welcome to the Lost Tribe Esports community!
Please take a moment to read through our code of conduct and community rules.

  1. Keep things fun! We are all here to make friends and find gaming partners
  2. Don't be rude or hateful. The Lost Tribe Esports community does not tolerate unkind members or vulgar language. 
  3. Respect others and be kind and friendly to fellow members. 
  4. Keep any political discussions calm and respectful.
  5. Staff have the last say in all matters. If you have questions, concerns, or issues please tag @Staff in Discord
  6. Any threat of DDoS attacks will result in an instant permaban.
  7. Do not post your IP address, SSN, or home address with anyone on the server.
  8. If you have any suggestions about this Discord server, please put them in #suggestion-box.